My Work (And Background)

My name is Lorraine Diamond. I am a Healer. I've been working in the Alternative Healing Field for over forteen years now. I work with healing energy. My specialty is Distance Healing Energy. With Distance Healing Energy I can send energy to you anytime, anywhere. I will explain to you in more detail what Distance Healing Work is.
Distance Healing Work - Firstly, for me to send to you or someone dear to you healing energy, I would need your or their first name, and /or a photo.
In Distance Healing Work- The main element is Universal Energy. The Universal Energy travels through me, the practitioner, who acts as a middleman between the universal energy and the recipient. The healing energy is then passed to you the recipient. This therapeutic energy brings your body back into a state of equilibrium. Energy can be sent to you wherever you are and you and me, the practitioner and the recipient, do not have to be together in the same room.
With Distance healing energy I act as a channel for the universal energy to help you, the recipient, to start to heal.
It is a wonderful alternative way to help our bodies to get well. It is natural and non-invasive.
My Background
Natural healing arts date back thousands of years to the ancient Orient and to ancient Egypt.
Here are the other alternatives that I specialize in, and also a brief explanation of each one.
I have a Masters Degree in Reiki. I am a Foot Reflexologist, and I work with Acupressure and Intuitive Bodywork amd Body Balancing.
Reiki began thousands of years ago in Tibet. It is based on the language of symbols. The Reiki components are universal energy, the symbols that work through you the recipient, and the Reiki practitioner's ability to act as an intermediary. In Reiki, the practitioner can work directly on your body and also above your body. Reiki renews your energy and supports your natural ability to help yourself heal. It aids the body, the mind and the spirit. Reiki treats the whole person. It is a non-intrusive, spontaneous, completely natural and therapeutic process.
Foot Reflexology Massage
Foot Reflexology Massage is the study and practice of applying pressure to the reflexes and zones of the feet. These reflexes and zones correspond to the organs, glands, parts and systems of our bodies. Responses occur in the corresponding organs, glands, parts, and systems. Reflexology is preventative care. It brings on deep relaxation. You will experience well-being and vitality. Reflexology causes all the systems to function more efficiently including those that eliminate the waste products. Reflexology alleviates stress, tension and pains in specific parts of our bodies. It improves blood supply and detoxifies the organs. It rejuvenates the tissues and the cells, and increases the functioning of the Circulatory system. Foot Reflexology was practiced in ancient Egypt, India, and China.
Finger pressure is applied along the energy lines of the recipient to bring you back into a state of balance. It is based on the Chinese theory, the circulation of subtle energy - Chi, throughout the body. The practitioner applies pressure along these energy lines to help the flow of vital energy return the body to health. Your body has built in mechanisms to clean itself. If these mechanisms are not functioning properly, toxins and wastes build up. With this work, you, the recipient, will experience results. The blockages will be removed and your whole body will be treated. Your immune system will be strengthened. Diseases will be prevented, muscular stiffness and tensions and fatigue will be eliminated, and internal organs will be strengthened. This alternative art is natural, beginning thousands of years in ancient China. Like Acupuncture, the energy lines are worked, and the blockages are released, but with Acupressure, no needles are used.
Intuitive BodyWork
In Intuitive BodyWork we again are actualizing the natural human potential to help the body heal itself. Energy "Chi" by itself is invisible, but the way it works in the body can be seen by the intuitive practitioner who can help bring the recipient, back into a state of equilibrium, with the energy's own innate wisdom acting as the guide. Reiki, Distance Healing Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Acupressure, and Intuitive BodyWork, Alternative healing arts, help to release stress and tensions. Stamina and strength, fitness, energy, muscle flexibility and vitality are all increased. Blood circulation, detoxification, the immune system and the aging processes are brought back into a balance. Concentration and sleep are improved.

Energy work began thousands of years ago in the ancient Orient, where helping the body, mind and spirit return to health, was practiced in the temples. Ancient oriental healing arts are based on the body's natural ability to heal itself. Pain and illness are caused by energy blockages. The body has seven major chakras and several minor chakras. These chakras are wheel-like vortices of energy. Each major chakra represents an organ or gland in our bodies. The universal energy flows through the practitioner, to the recipient, working to bring back a state of equilibrium. My intention to help, a loving and compassionate heart, and prayer are other factors that are involved in this work. Energy can be sent to you wherever you are. We do not need to be together in the same room. For more information, I will be listing resource books that can be helpful. To arrange for a Distance Healing or for a session in my office, please contact me by e-mail, fax, or phone. In my office you can receive Reiki, Acupressure, Foot Reflexology and Intuitive BodyWork.